Social Media

It’s easy... right? You post some pictures, add some text & your customer see it? WRONG!

Too many companies post pictures about their products & expect their clients to see it. Social Media platforms now days want you to pay for exposure, so social seeding & indirect marketing is essential.

Do you even know who your target audiences are and how to communicate to that exact group? Each message will need to get tailored to exactly where your target stand in their lives. Its about talking to them directly and indirectly selling your product. Either way - you need to be creating conversations & Kruger Social Media will get you active!

Social Media

Start Up Packages

Do you have a social star in your organisation who can run your social channels? Perhaps you would prefer to run them, but just need the set up and tools to get you started. Then these packages are perfect for you.  Each package comes with training and  a start to building your presence in social media.

What does it include?

  • Setting up of a Social Media page with the agreed company name & information supplied

  • Populating all company or brand information and profile / cover image

  • Populating of all correct tabs if required

  • Setting up various Administrators to add content to your page

  • Facebook - first 5 posts on facebook & 25 initial facebook likes

  • Twitter - first 5 tweets including company hash tags & 25 initial Twitter followers

  • Pinterest - creation of first 2 boards with accompanying 5 images per board

  • Instagram - first 5 instagram posts including product associated hashtags & 25 initial Instagram followers

  • YouTube - upload of first 5 videos including tagging & descriptions

  • 30 minute training session on how to upload various forms of content & how to view analytics

Social Media

Optimisation Packages

 If your social channels have been set up but they are lifeless and there is just not enough hours in the day or not enough resources to keep your fans engaged, then SMO packages are a great way to outsource. All content will be created on your behalf with all your objectives, company personality and products in mind. It will be like you are running it yourself. At any time you have fresh content , it will be as simple as sending via email and the social fairies will update. Genius!

What does it include?

  • Target audience research & current social media page performance review

  • Creating engagement content, promoting product offers, brand messaging & indirect marketing messages

  • Supporting events, key dates & creating populated events

  • Increasing fan base & engagement via comments, shares & likes

  • Update of albums, cover images, logos and videos

  • Seeding of content to relevant external Facebook groups

  • Inbox management & management of replies and engagement

  • Status updates with trending hash tags, or call to action - website & event link

  • Monthly progress reports & call / meeting

Bronze Package

Full Management of 1 Social Media Platform

Silver Package

Full Management of 2 Social Media Platforms

Gold Package

Full Management of 3 Social Media Platforms

Platinum Package

Full Management of 4 Social Media Platforms